Each DVD diamond housed within all of our DVD Discs comes with two sets of third-party verification documents:

The GIA Grading Report

A Gemprint ID

The GIA does more than grade diamonds, they vet diamonds against any possible man-made treatment. In addition, the GIA issues only one report per diamond — ever. The Gemprint ID number identifies the diamond’s unique fingerprint and cross references the GIA report. The reports you receive for the diamonds in your Disc match the exact diamonds housed within.

You can to take your DVD diamonds to your jeweler or other expert, however, no jeweler has the equipment or depth of expertise that the GIA provides (which is why they rely on the GIA). You will notice that the highest end jewelers have gemologists on staff who have been trained by and graduated from the GIA. If you open your Discs any reputable jeweler or gemologist will confirm that the diamonds housed within your DVD Disc(s) are indeed the exact ones described in your GIA Report and Gemprint ID.

For further information, please read sample text on GIA and Gemprint reports.


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